A Little Bent

Tattoo Ticket

On sale! $30.00


If you are inspired by one of my exisiting artworks and would like to get it tattooed, a "Tattoo Ticket" provides you with the permission to do so.

Tattoo artists require written approval before tattooing an artist's work to avoid copyright issues. Purchasing a "tattoo ticket" is an option to support my work and obtain approval for a tattoo artist to use.

You are welcome use any artwork posted on my Instagram or website, excluding custom designs and commissioned work due to licensing and copyright infringement. If you are unsure, feel free to get in touch!

Please contact me with the image of your choice and your full name before purchasing your Tattoo Ticket. You can do so via email: lea@alittlebentdesigns.com

This listing is for a TATTOO TICKET only. After purchase, you will receive via email a letter of permission with the image of choice to bring to your tattoo artist.

Purchasing a Tattoo Ticket grants you the non-exclusive right and one-time use of a chosen image for the purpose of reproducing it as a permanent tattoo. Print or custom tattoo commission is not included. For personal use only, not for any commercial use.